Advance Your Mission by Transforming IT

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit and non-governmental organizations know how to stretch a dollar. But continuing to rely on outdated IT systems and software can hinder their mission. It can also make them a target for ransomware and cyber-attacks, putting their sensitive data and reputations at risk.

By pursuing IT transformation, your non-profit can adopt the latest in financial reporting, fundraising, sustainability planning and performance measurement technologies — while helping address your security and compliance requirements.

With Rackspace Non-Profit Solutions, you get a team of specialists who can help design and manage your secure, reliable and flexible environment — so you can focus on advancing your mission.

"Anytime you’re moving a data center, it’s a daunting proposition that?takes a lot of planning. Rackspace really came in and managed the project for us, helped us with technical expertise."

Steven Carlberg

Managing Director of Infrastructure and Security, Feeding America

Let Us Guide You Toward a Successful Digital Transformation

Reduce Costs Through Digital Transformation

Traditional data centers and legacy applications can make it challenging for non-profit organizations to innovate. In addition, many of these organizations struggle with legacy cultures, costly long-term contracts and limited access to IT talent.

To combat these challenges, non-profits are turning to the managed cloud. In a managed cloud, you can take advantage of automated risk management, security and compliance — so you can focus on projects that directly support your organization.

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Make the Most of Your IT Resources

Donors rely on your online services to be reliable, fast and secure. That’s why non-profits like yours are consolidating their data centers and turning to as-a-service solutions in the cloud.

Let our migration specialists help. We’ll work with you to design and implement a cloud migration and data center consolidation strategy that addresses your specific needs and budget. We can also assist with disaster recovery planning and implementation.

Discover how Rackspace helped Sesame Workshop migrate from their legacy data center environment to a flexible and scalable hybrid cloud. This transformation has allowed them to reach a larger global audience, while providing the freedom to focus their IT and digital media engineering resources on their core mission.

Protect Your Sensitive Information

Your donors, volunteers and staff rely on you to protect their personal information. It’s your responsibility to restrict access to authorized personnel only. What precautions are you taking to ensure their personal, financial and other sensitive data is secure?

Our dedicated hosting environment is PCI certified to meet stringent security standards for storing and managing data. We also offer Managed Security Services to help protect your non-profit organization from persistent threats and cyberattacks.

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Keep Your Site Up and Running, Especially When It Matters Most

When you’re in the business of helping those in need, your success relies on your ability to efficiently scale your services. Especially when there’s a event that drives people to your site, wanting to help.

Let us help you create a scalable environment that adjusts according to demand. You’ll pay only for what you use, which saves you money. This budget-friendly approach helps ensure your applications are available to your donors, volunteers and staff — wherever they are — using their preferred device.

Learn how Rackspace helped YouCaring create an environment that stood up to crushing traffic during Hurricane Harvey and allowed them to collect over $37 million in donations.

Run Legacy Apps More Securely

Just because your organization relies on older, legacy applications doesn’t mean you need to abandon those apps for the latest technologies. Our experts can show you how to leverage the capabilities of new technologies, to help you run your legacy apps more effectively and securely.

At the same time, we’ll also help you identify areas where new technologies make sense, and help you make the switch. By updating your current infrastructure, you’ll be able to run modern applications, as well as securely store, process and analyze all the data generated by them.

Learn how Rackspace helped Omaze address fast growth and an IT infrastructure that couldn’t keep up. Omaze now has a reliable, predictable and scalable process using Rackspace DevOps, allowing them to focus on product and feature development, with proceeds supporting a variety of charitable causes.

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Rackspace Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

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